Russian Summer: the Season Most People Think Doesn’t Exist

Russian Spring

Chatting to an old friend on Facebook a few days back, she asked me how I was dealing with the harsh Russian winter. I paused for a sec, looked through my window, and wiped off some sweat on my forehead. What was the talking about?

Everyone knows about the harsh Russian winter.

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Majestic God (Stolen article)

When I drive to and from the church office each day (and when the skies are clear) I am blessed with beautiful views of Mount Rainier. Each time I see this magnificent mountain I am reminded of God’s creativity and power. And each time I see this mountain I give God thanks and praise. Only […]

via Majestic God — The Heart of a Pastor

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The Two Extreme Types Of Christians You Should Try Not To Be

Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut at
Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut at

The first type of Christian you shouldn’t be, is the fanatic one

Each one of us knows at least one Christian who says the name of Jesus Christ, every second sentence they speak. You meet this lovely brother in the corridor and you ask him how his day is going and this is how he responds, ” I thank God that I am well.”

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How Zimbabwe Slashed 25 Zeros From Its Currency in 3 years!!!

This image was taken from Wikipedia

I think this might be very interesting for most. Yeah, my country at some point had a 10 trillion-dollar note, after slashing off 13 zeros from our denominations. Here is how it all happened. I’ll show you guys all the notes starting from the late 1990s. Some tens of years after Zimbabwe won its independence from their British colonisers.

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5 Interesting Facts About Russian Tap Water

1.No one drinks tap water in Russia

According to an article published on RT (Russia Today) in 2009, 99% of fresh water in Russia was unsafe to drink. This is shocking, considering the fact that Russia has the world’s deepest lake, lake Baikal (which supplies 90% of Russia’s fresh water).

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